Rebirths / Rebirth Tokens

This page will go over our current rebirth mechanics and rebirth rewards

Once you get to Prestige 100, you are able to rebirth. Rebirthing will take away all of your prestiges, reset your balance, and grant you 1 rebirth token.

Rebirth Tokens

Rebirth tokens are a special currency that can only be gained by rebirthing. You can redeem these tokens in the rebirth shop in game for some very powerful rewards.

Rebirth Rewards

Permanent Auto Miner

This will add an infinite duration to your auto miner time.

Double Vote Points

This will allow you to have double the vote points from voting each day.

Rebirth Mines Access

This will give you access to our Rebirth mines, currently our most powerful mines. There are 7 different rebirth mines, each one has a minimum rebirth requirement in order to unlock it.

Midas Blessing Enchantment

This enchantment is an upgraded version of Midas Touch. While it has a slightly lower proc chance, it was transform nearly 15x as much blocks. Transformed Midas Blessing blocks sell for 400x the base mine value. Additionally, Midas Blessing can activate again, evolving the transformed blocks further. The evolved blocks sell for 800x the base mine value. This enchantment can be upgraded up to 10x.

Overcharge Enchantment

With Overcharge, you can reapply Midas Blessing up to two more times. Transformed Overcharge blocks sell for 1200x the base mine value. The second activation of Overcharge will cause blocks to sell for 2000x the base mine value. This enchantment can be upgraded to increase the proc chance.


The evolve enchantment will allow you to transform all Midas Touched blocks in to Midas Blessing blocks in a large radius. Upgrading this enchantment increases the activation chance.

Multi Blessing

The Multi-Blessing enchantment is functionally identical with Multi Miner, with better stats. Upgrading this will increase the multiplier gained from mining.


This enchantment is an upgrade to Jackhammer. It boasts a much larger radius with similar activation chance.


This enchantment give your pickaxe the effect of Token Miner 500. This stacks with regular token miner.