Voting / Vote Points

This page will go over voting and the benefits of voting.

Voting is a free way to show support to the server. Every vote is appreciated since voting increases our publicity.

Voting Links:

Voting Rewards Per Vote

  • 1x Vote Point

  • 5 minutes of auto miner

  • 15% permanent multiplier

  • 1x Vote Key

Additionally, there is a chance to gain an extra Ascended or Legendary key from voting.

Vote Points

Vote points are a special currency in Ascended Prison that can be obtained as a rare drop in crates, but most commonly gained by voting for the server. With vote points, you can purchase donator items, crate keys, as well as a few exclusive items. Access this special shop by doing /voteshop while in game. More items to the vote shop will be added based on player suggestions and ideas.