This page will contain a server changelog. Note: It is highly recommended that you join the server Discord. Updates are almost always posted there first.


  • Rebirth cap raised to 100

  • Rebirth shop has been reformatted

    • New menu for mines

    • New menu for enchantments

  • New rebirth enchantments made

    • Overcharge - Reapply Midas Blessing more times to the same blocks

    • Evolve - Transform all obsidian in a large radius into Quartz

    • Multi Blessing - Add a multiplier as you mine

  • Midas blessing enchantment is now upgradable

  • Rebirth mine changed to a larger one

  • There are now a total of 7 rebirth mines

  • Atomic blast radius has been nerfed from 10 to 6, activation change has been increased to 8% at max rank. Price reduced from 10,000 tokens per level to 5,000 tokens per level

  • All donator mines have been buffed, base selling prices increased by 10x

  • Maxrankup and similar commands now have a cooldown of 3 seconds

  • Autoprestige added to the rebirth shop

  • Double vote points added as a rebirth reward

  • Rebirth mine 1 sell price has been buffed by 10%

  • Auto-rankup speed has been increased from 1x a second to 4x a second


  • Introduced daily restart at 4 am (EST)


  • Fortune enchantment now works on obsidian (Midas Touch users rejoice)


  • Updated in game announcement and help command to include the wiki list

  • Fixed balance formatting issues at higher amounts

  • Added rebirth mines to the autominer list

  • Muted-people has been renamed to #no-mic-chat to make the channel's purpose clearer

  • Multi-miner base activation chance has been increased by 50%.


  • Wiki was created