Discord Information

This page goes over some general information on our Discord server

In order to stay up to date with our changes and also get the fastest possible response time for support, it is highly recommended that you join our Discord server.

Opening A Ticket

If you need to get support on anything but want to keep it private, open up a ticket in the bot commands channel by doing the command -ticket [REASON]. Note: your ticket will be viewable to owners, managers, and admins. If you want your ticket to remain private, then private message Melody in the Discord server instead of making a ticket.

Making A Suggestion

Suggestions are greatly appreciated from everyone and are what fuels development for the server. If you have a suggestion that you would like to make for the server, head on over to the bot commands channel and create a suggestion by typing -suggest [SUGGESTION]. It will then be publicly viewable and members will be able to upvote or downvote the suggestion. Additional comments may be made about it in the suggestions discuss channel. If you would like to privately make a suggestion, send a private message to Melody on the Discord server.

There is not an upvote limit for a suggestion to get implemented. Rather, we pick suggestions based on multiple factors. These include:

  • Community reaction to the suggestion

  • Feasibility of implementation

  • How much we think the server would benefit from said suggestion

  • Opinions from players and staff members regarding the suggestion

Reporting A Bug

Despite our best efforts, some bugs do split by from time to time. To report a bug, go to the bot commands channel and report a bug with the command -bug [BUG]. If you find an exploit, private message it to Melody instead of reporting it.